I  Mark Mirando started his music career in New Haven Connecticut playing in the legendary "Dogs", a group that was well know for their originals as well as carefully chosen, well crafted covers.  
 Mark concentrates on original music now, although he'll pull out a Beatles gem on occasion - and he's recorded with no less than Beatle Ringo Starr.   Mark played guitar and sang backup vocals on Ringo's releases, "Ringo-Rama", "Choose Love", and two of Ringo's greatest hits CD's, "Photograph" and "Ringo 5.1".  
  He performs the east coast singer songwriter circuit working both solo and also with his band and also travels to Nashville to write, record and perform with Nashville's top songwriters including Georgia Middleman and Ct's own Gary Burr.
  Mark's latest CD is titled "Now That You Mention It" and  it features such guest artist as Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman, Jim Photoglo, Victoria Shaw and Stealing Angels (Caroline Cutbirth, Jennifer Wayne, Tayla Lynn).  One of Mark's song's, "What More Do You Want?" was recorded by Kristin Chenoweth and was released on her latest cd titled "Some Lessons Learned."  


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